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Mark Hanslip - tenor sax // Michael Bardon - cello // Gemma Bass - violin

Johnny Hunter - drums // Aby Vulliamy - viola // Seth Bennett - double bass

Inspired by the photograph of the same name taken by Voyager 1 in 1990—the Earth as seen from a distance of 6 billion kilometres, appearing less than 1 pixel in size—and by Carl Sagan’s beautifully memorable commentary, the Pale Blue Dot is a piece of music written for string quartet, tenor saxophone and percussion.  In four movements, it seeks to provide the listener with the perspective and serenity that might be possible from the outer reaches of our Solar System.

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Violin - Gemma Bass

Viola - Aby Vulliamy

Cello - Alice Eldridge

Double Bass - Seth Bennett

Tenor Sax - Mark Hanslip

Drums & Percussion - Johnny Hunter

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